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Information Security Services

With a background based on sound business training and experience, Magnitude CG brings a balanced, well thought out approach to computer security and IT risk management.

This strong blend of business and technical qualifications allows us to provide security solutions that are appropriate to the overall needs of the organization based on the level of risk acceptable to management and the technical capability of your IT Department.

The ability to see how information and information technology fits into the big picture of your business ensures that solutions are not over or under designed. No solution can offer 100% security so be sure to invest your money where it will do the most good.

Risk Assessment

Internet Vulnerability Assessment
Network Penetration Testing
Security Policy, Process, and Procedure Review

Design and Implementation

Secure Remote Access Infrastructure
Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
Secure Wireless Networking

Privacy of Personal Information

Development of Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy Audit

Awareness and Education

Management and Staff Awareness
IT Staff Security Administration Training

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