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Services: Network Vulnerability Assessment

A basic review of the organizationís Internet facing network perimeter including port scans and automated vulnerability scans. This review gives the organization a snap-shot of what their network perimeter really looks like compared to their network diagrams and checks each visible system for the latest known vulnerabilities and unnecessary services.

While not considered a thorough securities review, the network vulnerability assessment is a very cost effective review for the following situations:

  • Scheduled snapshots to identify accidental or unauthorized perimeter changes
  • Low reliance on documentation of Internet systems
  • Constantly changing Internet architecture
  • Moderate security requirements combined with tight budgets
  • Scope definition required for a full penetration test

For a typical small to medium sized organization with moderately complex technology infrastructure this type of review would range from $2000 to $3000 on a one time basis. Costs can be reduced for scheduled assessments (e.g. monthly or quarterly).

See penetration testing if you require a thorough review of your network architecture.

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