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Services: Wireless Security Design & Audit

With equipment prices dropping rapidly, wireless networking technologies are quickly being adopted by organizations. Ease of installation and uneducated claims of security by manufacturers have resulted in many wireless systems being configured with inadequate security.

The default Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption protocol bundled with the current generation of 802.11 wireless equipment is fundamentally flawed and can be broken given relatively little time and effort. Attackers can gain access to wireless systems via weak keys, forcing & monitoring authentication by users, hijacking sessions through signal manipulation, and more. Furthermore, many authentication systems have an over-reliance on MAC address as an authentication factor as MAC addresses are easily forged.

Despite all of these attacks, security of wireless networks not difficult to achieve. The proper configuration of the standard 802.11 security settings can prevent casual drive-by attackers. Systems with higher security requirements can can use IPSec VPN technology to leverage proven authentication and encryption standards or they can take advantage of some of the layer 2 solutions coming on to the market.

While wireless can be secured, improperly configured wireless and rogue wireless can offer a backdoor into the heart of your network. Magnitude CG offers the following wireless services performed by some of the leading wireless security consultants in Canada:

  • Wireless site surveys to detect improperly configured and rogue systems
  • Wireless architecture design and review
  • Wireless penetration testing

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